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Pantone Color

  • 24 x 18 in


    © Sebastian Sandu

  • Living Coral was first used to represent the Muladhara Chakra in Hindu Philosophy. The symbolism for the Muladhara includes four red coral leaves representing natural pleasure, great joy, the delight of controlling passion and the blissfulness of concentration. The 2019 Pantone color choice is obviously a direct reference to the ocean's rapidly dying coral reefs. What is your Pantone color?

    SPECTRUM proposes itself as a reflection on the powerful role that a “color” plays in understanding a person and, above all, on how individuals decide to present themselves through their specific choices. The idea was materialized from personal “color” preferences, not necessarily actual colors, but maybe social, cultural, religious, political choices, more or less metaphorically translated into color concepts or meanings. SPECTRUM should be: first - a conversation about color in general, a journey through different cultures and traditions; second and most important, the project is a celebration of EQUALITY!

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