I am Sebastian Sandu,
Romanian born, creating in the Saugatuck-Douglas area, Michigan, USA

I was always creative and attracted to visual experiences... My parents told me that I was drawing their portraits at the age of three and my first public piece was probably a subliminal message to them, that I need to exceed my boundaries, to get out of my comfort zone: “a mountain goat jumping over evergreens.”

They decided I should enrich my education by sending me to an art primary school! Later on, four years of art high school were followed by six years of college, and I've graduated at the National Art and Design University, in Bucharest.

I paint because this is my voice and I paint what I feel. That's the way I communicate with people! Nobody can have the same mood every day, all the time... Sometimes people are happy, sometimes they are dreaming, maybe confused or even insecure.

I experience the same emotions artistically, and my intention is to make them visible, using different visual forms. Sometimes I think lateral and I want to get down to a minimal, basic understanding... then the goal is to transmit the very essence of that thought, through abstract painting. But I am also analytical and I need figures to observe first, to better express what I'm feeling. Who am I as an artist, is not an answer to a "what would you like to be, when you grow-up" kind of question. I have a "lexicon" available and just cannot use the same ten words all the time. A famous Dutch painter said: “As an artist, you have to fight and survive the wilderness to find your creative freedom. Creativity is very fragile”… and I would like to add that you can also suffocate it, if you keep it enclosed!

In one sentence: my art is the essence of multiple experiences, reflected by my own-terms “mirror”.


Being a full-time artist now, re-designing my own path after many years in visual communication and marketing, I fell in love with the idea of helping people in need through the power of art. That is why I am often involved in benefits and artistic events, designed to help people in general.



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ART FOR LIFE "ART AUCTION" - October 18 - Chicago, Illinois

"SPRING REVIVAL" AFLC - April 14 - 21 - Chicago, Illinois

"THE DIRTY SHOW" - February 09 - 17 - Detroit, Michigan

"COLORSCAPE" - August 03 - 09 - Fennville, Michigan

"PROSPECTIVE-RETROSPECTIVE" - June 01 - 08 - Douglas, Michigan

"UNDERGLOW" - November 01 - 15 - Douglas, Michigan

"RED FUSION" - May 31 - Niles, Michigan

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